Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Loose Parts

LOOSE PARTS small or large parts
We are on the hunt for any “loose parts” you may have around the house.

Loose parts are considered exactly that...anything that you think maybe junk” or something that you just don’t see a use for.....then we may want it!
Often these items are the most desirable for children to be creative and innovative in their play and thinking.
Some ideas could be:

  • Boxes (small/big)
  • Pvc pipes
  • Cardboard cylinders
  • Off cuts of wood or wooden planks
  • Pellets of wood
  • Old tyres
* Nails
* Old sheets
* String/wool
* Material
* Dress up clothes
* Any odd bits and bobs

Please just ask....if you think its rubbish, it may be what we need!

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