Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Play based learning in Room 23

The children have been busy with play, climbing, building, transporting, gathering, ordering, rotating, pulling, pouring, tipping, turning, jumping, digging, running, playing with water and sand, making potions and imagining among other things.  

It is amazing to see all the children so engaged and having so much fun in their learning. Kids are being kids. We are so lucky to be able to play both inside and out of the classroom throughout the day.   

The children are following their own interests and wonderings and showing wonderful initiative and resilience. Oral language is rich and social skills are being built on every day.  

The students are listening to others, establishing respectful rules and manners and negotiating with each other.  These skills that are developing through play are the foundation skills needed for our tamariki to become confident and independent life-long learners.

"Our vision is for young people who will be creative, energetic and enterprising.  To be confident, connected, actively involved and lifelong learners." (The New Zealand Curriculum Framework Vision, 2007).

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